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Playing Experience:


Playing in various  indoor and outdoor leagues

Actively training and playing with kid since 2014

Playing Soccer throughout elementary and high school

Coaching Experience:

Coach, Legends Soccer Club - 2018- Present

Coaching a U8 boys team to multiple championships at ISA2000 leagues

Organize and direct individual and small group activities/exercises

Coaching young players to help develop soccer skills, confidence, and teamwork

Assess player's skills, monitoring players during competitions and practices

Train players in both individual and group settings, focusing on dribbling, passing, and ball control

Coach, Antelop AYSO - 2017 - 2018

Developed, coordinated, and taught soccer to children 6-8 years old

Focused on basic soccer fundamentals of passing, shooting, and dribbling while maintaining control

Developed game plans and adjusted them according to various situations

Enforced discipling both on and off the field


Concussion Training - 07/2018.                     

Laws of the Game - 07/2018

Youth Soccer Injury Recognition - 12/2018

Safe Sport Training - 12/2018

Foundation of Coaching - 02/2019

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