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2002-2023 Season Is On.....If you want to join one of our teams, please register below and we will  
contact you regarding a team that would be a good fit for you.
You can also contact us by calling 916-804-2284 or email us at



      Legends SC Director Of  Coaching with French National Team Coach, Didier Deschamps

Yoann Dennis with Neymar,

Yoann, a trainer for AS Monaco France,  run a training camp in 2017 and 2018 exclusively for Legends SC players in Sacramento.

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Legends Soccer Club is a non-profit organization geared toward teaching and developing players of all ages. At Legends SC our program is based on the European model of player development and we will prepare our players for the highest level of competition.   If you want to play high level competitive soccer, we invite you to come check us out…..We will give you a FREE week pass to our training to experience our program. Just contact us at or call 916-804-2284.


Legends SC was born due to a dire need for a club that was based on the European model of training. There is also a great number of players that cannot afford the high cost of playing competitive soccer. Most of these talented players are very dedicated to the sport of soccer but have to give up their dreams just because their families cannot afford thousands of dollars per year in club fees and other expenditure associated with playing soccer. While the rest of the world supports its youth soccer programs through professional club academies and government funding, the US simply does not have a system set up so everyone can play this sport at a competitive level. Legends SC, provides such a venue and would like to create an environment where players are allowed to compete at the highest level of play regardless of their financial background.

NEWS.....Three Legends SC players were nominated to U16 and U19 National teams in their respective countries. Congratulations!!!
Congratulation to Legends 04B-A for winning the Open Division of Schalke Tournament and Qualifying for National Competitions in Florida!
Legends 2004.jpg
Congratulations to Legends SC 07B-A, second place winners of Blackhawks Tournament 22 !
Legends 2007.jpg
Team work

We don't expect the players to win, we expect them to put out 200%.

Legends SC



7673  Boardwalk Way, Sacramento, Ca 95843


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